and in the end,
even after the parched mouth,
the salt filled gasps for air,

it’s near impossible to stop loving.
impossible to tuck the ocean away.



each wave, made up of us.
bound to crash and dissolve.
yet, always determined to merge
and start anew.

every minute.
every hour.
each day.
this lifetime and the next.

agelessly in search of you.

We danced for hours.
Burned a hole in the kitchen floor.
This would never end, you swore.

The record is scratching. The lights are flickering. Your ghost is dissolving.
Please let’s dance once more.

they marched on
the girl & the mighty wolf
with freedom & bravery, he would guide her
with tenderness & loyalty, she would love in return

when all seems lost
when the shimmer fades
if you just take one more step
you’ll be within the light

IMG_2178Have you ever thought about the places you’ve already visited for the last time in your life?
Or maybe it’s just the last time as the person you are in this very moment.
For when you return, you will have grown.
Things will appear different.
Just as the tides wash away the old and unveil the new,
so will you.

image-3One of my favorite views in all of Paris. On top of the Arc de Triomphe.

Champs- Élysées, known as one of the busiest streets in the world.
But I see beyond that. In it’s beautiful organized chaos, time slows down.
I see the souls inside these cars. I wonder where they are going. Where they are coming from.
What are they struggling with. What they are rejoicing.
Each vehicle has the opportunity to drive somewhere new.
And each vessel has the chance to do the same.

And I blink my eyes, the light turns to green, makes way for a new set of wheels and a new heart.

Shivering alone,
I travel this world,
in search of a home.

My possessions fill a carry-on.
Pick up and run till dawn.

thought of you this morning
the purest love is forming
no other way

your eyes, a peaceful serenity
this love we have is my remedy
no other way

take me to a place of bliss
i become content with every kiss
nothing is as sweet

discovering your love in me,
how was it that i didn’t see
nothing is as sweet

with no other way, this sweet love will never fray